Baby Event, Birthday

Malaysia Birthday Party Planner

I am so into planning birthday party and aqiqah events lately. I am doing it small for my friends, and also for my dearest daughter. The top sketching are for my dearest friend from Terengganu, which she had planned for her son’s Birthday Party and her soon to arrive new born baby girl. I am helping her out arranging all the detail suits to her needs.

She was scammed by this planner who claimed RM1800 from her, just because she was asking for a quotation from this so called professional planner. After further investigation, I knew that this planner never had any job in hand and only took picture from other Western websites to filled up her ‘Job Album’. So my advice to you guys out there, please look closely on the pictures, as nowadays, so many people can just cut and paste other people works/pictures, and claimed as their, or at least as inspirational.

To be a consultant especially wedding planner or birthday party planner, you need to have at least 3-4 jobs before you could steadily called yourself as a planner. This will confirm your job standard to your clients. However, you may start small by having pro bono advice to your closest friends, and ask her for future recommendations. This is how you grow, from small to big. There are many things to think when you elect yourself as planner. Knowledge and creativity play big part in presenting your client needs. As a planner you must think ahead of your client, ideas and options are what she need the most.

Well, I also give few advice and consultancy on AQIQAH and Birthday party if you are interested. Kindly email, for further discussion, and my fee is very minimal. I just need a kick start for my soon to be launched business. Actually I already started on the BUNGA TELUR AQIQAH, and it went very well. Only I need to enhance my skill to another level. I can suggest great design for pelamin, for Aqiqah bunga telur, and also for party favors.

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