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How To Contact Us

Dear all our lovely fans and friends, please be inform that we need at least more than 2 weeks to execute the project for your birthday party. Kindly contact us at least one month a head before the scheduled party. We are happy to arrange affordable and fun party for you!

Email :
Facebook : AbbyCreativeDesigns
Mobile No : +6013371 3515
BlackBerry PIN : 280015A4
YM :


2 thoughts on “How To Contact Us”

  1. hai..nk tnya berapa ye klu sy nk yaasin 50pcs n air mineral tu utk majlis aqiqah..ada delivery ke atau kwsn berdekatan shj

  2. salam, my phone contact 0128515368 brape klu i nak yassin 30pcs and air mineral tu tuk majlis cukur jambul 26/05/2012 ni

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