Just A Note

Salam & Good Day, as most of you know, I will not pick up any inquiry phone calls. Most must be done via email/sms/whatsapp/bbm. Here the reasons why :

1. I dont want any of the price given being mistakenly understood by my client. Sometimes, they heard RM3 which the actual price is RM5

2. I have several packages to offer. To list down all the food and items available in the packages is imposible for me to do via phone. Please do think it rationally. I trust once you hang up the phone, you will forget all the menu mentioned, and again, you call me for the same question again. It’s easier, if I email you, and you can refer any time, at any your convinient, via your phone or lappy.
3. I dont sell barang, I designed all the printable myself, when a call came in, all work must stopped. Talked almost an hour, and no feedback or job engaged afterwards. I already wasted an hour of my previous working hour to finish my client’s dateline. I guess, it’s efficient if you can sms/email/bbm/whatsapp me if you are only wanted to ‘comparing prices’.
4. I am a stay home mom of 2 small kids, with no maid, and I dont work from a luxury of an office. Sometimes I reply emails from the kitchen, toilet, in my girls’ bedroom, when feeding my daughters, still, I will try to reply those sms/emails asap even with one hand. I trust many of you working moms, also have no time to reply a text from a friend, once you are at home from your office. So as a mom, I really do need you to understand my situation.

I have done many successful projects, with such supportive clients with thousand of RM value. They trust ACD as their planner, and worked well with my way of working. So to those who can’t work along, please do not send such sms condemning me, without understand the real situation. You are most welcome to look for another planner, who will can entertain you better via phone calls.

I am sorry, I have to write such status, and disturbing to some of my clients. I am trying to be a professional here, and hoping that my existing and future clients, can understand why there is NO PHONE CALLS policy.

Regards, Abby

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