Media Coverage, Wedding

Media Coverage by Pesona Pengantin

I was invited by Ms Sue for a photoshoot session with Pesona Pengantin, one of magazines from Karangkraft. It was an honor to work with the team though in a very short notice and so kelam kabut from my side. I have 2 coming event which made me less focus on the preparation of the photoshoot. I rarely done for weddings as it is not my thing, hiwever i accept the challenge just to widen the business and who knows one day table candy can be a must have thing for wedding. The concept we brought just a small and simple table candy and may to some brides they can start doing it themselves instead hiring planner. But bare in mind that a table also need detailing and concentrating that might add to the ‘to do list’ to the bride. Easiest way just hire a planner and you have nothing to worry. Well we have to wait for the editted version of the pics and meanwhile here are some i took for your sneak peak. Thank you to Zaida from Sweetreatsetc who al so one of my bestfriends helping me out on the day. She baked the pretty cake, and you guys can view her work in her FB : Sweetreatsetc

20130207-011133 PM.jpg


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