2014, Testimony

Thank You


I received these a lot from my clients, only that sometimes i dont have enough time to compile, and post anywhere in my website or facebook. I treasure each and every compliment received from my dearest clients, something i keep dearly to my heart. I trust, i gave the best for each and every client, and wish that they are happy with our service. Some people say, good work spread good word.

The above I received, for all 3 jobs done in a week. It was a hectic week, when i have to cater 3 big events at a time. And receiving the comments made me, sit back and relief..happy and proud..all of mix feelings of excitement and satisfaction.

To you guys, my dearest clients, thank you for your trust in ACD, we had a great time serving you guys in 2014 and wish to serve you again, in 2015.

I close 2014 with big smile, great experience and amazing journey. Cant wait to see what 2015 will bring me. But, as long as I have you guys supporting me and ACD, i know it will be a great one!!

Love always, Abby Sue


Another Testimony


Thank you for still believing in us. I cant make it to their event after Eid last time. They paid teh deposit and everything, but something came up. My father in law passed away on the 2nd day of Syawal, and i have to extend my stay in Kedah. However my mind still kept thinking about their event, which of course will be a bit disappointment to them when i can’t do the decoration on the big day. I managed to ask my dearest friend to at least send over all the cookies and cakes to them, and thank you to Husna and family were very sporting and understand my situation at the moment. Thank you again and hoping for next year event from you guys!


A Testimony


This is so amazing. Received such appreciation from a client that definitely made me speechless. Yes in business i’ve met a lot of people that sometimes made me just wanna quit doing this, but just having at least one like Nur and her family, really made me feels that i am in the right track. Thank you Pn Nur, we had a wonderful hospitality from you and family. Easiest client to work with, and yes i am speechless upon this appreciation. Thank you from the deepest of my heart, from the 2 of my girls for the rezeki given, alhamdulilah, hanya Allah yg membalas jasa puan sekeluarga 🙂