Friendly Reminder

Dear all, first of all thank you for the kind thoughts and appreciation towards my work here with Abby Creative Designs. Trust me, it is a very hard work for me and my team to get to where we are now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who has experience working with ACD and we hope the relationship continues. To those future clients, from an individual or from any corporate committee, we would like to emphasize on few ground rules and regulations when you are dealing with ACD and the team.

Before you pick up that phone, and about to dial our number please remember that

1. No phone call policy – We are dealing preliminary by quoting you via email or whatsapp. I can’t show you our packages if I keep rambling on the phone, and I can’t read all the menu through, not to one but few of you who need the same quotation. We will email you the package, you read through, and decide whether to hire us or not. It’s simple as that, and yes we are not wasting anyone’s time.

Time is too precious for me, I have 4 kids (the last one is an 8 months baby to be precised) and I can’t keep talking on the phone without any interruption from my kids. Please, as a mom, you must understand the situation. We are not ‘THE BIG EVENT COMPANY’ with state of the art corporate office, ACD just a humble business runs by a MOM to help another MOM organising their kids’ party, and we are operating only from our small home, with our kids running and crying, and they don’t care if their mother is on the phone, with a big shot CEO.

2. We don’t do meet up – at all! If you browse our previous works, you like our work very much, trust me, it was done without any site visit! Yes, I don’t have to meet you or be at the venue, again, it is all about time constraint. We all have the most complicated devices, connected to wifi all the time, the latest gadget a person could get, so why don’t we make use of it. You take pictures and send to me via whatsapp and yes it is all done. Leave the creative side to me and my team. If you wanna play the creative role as well, I don’t think there is any purpose you are hiring ACD, right? Trust me, you are not the only party we are dealing with, we have done so many parties and I am a mother, I know how perfect you want a party for your kid to be. Leave to the expert, and different planner have different way of working.

Meet up is actually a waste of time. I have to arrange too many things before a meet up and then, after done with the meet up, the client decided not to hire us on reason they have not enough budget (eventhough a full quotation has been submitted). I took this very serious, and not because of it causes my time, but it involves my kids’ time. If you a mother, please have a little bit consideration. I know this is my business therefore I set the rules of how my business gonna be, I am a mom first before I am a businesswoman. I am glad that I still have other parents who can work just fine without have to have meet me in person.

3. Am I legit? DO I really exist? – you browse my website, go to my facebook page, and you decide. If you can trust me, hire me, if not, there are many others who is doing the same thing out there, just keep looking. The decision is all on you. I can be a fraud if I tend to, even after have a hundred meet up with you, and I can be as sincere as I can be, even we never have to deal face to face.

So, are you ready to hire ACD? If yes, please do email us/whatsapp us for quotation, or if you still insist of doing the meet up or even still wanna give us a call, please widen your search for another planner first. I thank you for all your consideration and understanding.

Yes, this is hard for me, but I am a mother, at home with my kids, and that’s my priority even to be given a choice of thousand of RM job. I am very lucky, I have many parents at the same page and they really do understand how it is when handling kids alone at home, and also working with few corporate people who are really supportive and never complaint about not being able to meet me up.  An apologise if the reminder is a little bit offensive, but I trust if you are a mother, or a father, you will understand. Thank you again for your time reading this.


Above pic is me, with my precious kids, they are my world, my universe, my ups and downs, my everything.


Thank you for your support, just from the humble us ~ Abby Sue


Love with what we do? Please send us inquiry for pricing and details to

Abby Sue

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Facebook : AbbyCreativeDesigns
Whatsapp Only : +6013371 3515
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